Sylvia Chinyere - Nollywood. Gubi Interview Ex-model and fast rising Nollywood Actress, Sylvia Chinyere hail from Ihiala local government though, base in Lagos state. The graduate of Microbiology from OOU took time to share with Oki Samson why She admire Blockbuster Actress, Genevieve Nnaji, her own debut movie production, how Mr Olu Jacobs and Joke Silver strenghten her use of English among many other things. Enjoy!


Gubi: Can we meet you

Sylvia: my names are sylvia CHINYERE ukaatu I am the 4th child of my parents ,who hails from orsumoghu village in ihiala local government


Gubi: Education background

Sylvia: I obtained my first school leaving certificate from community primary school Ebe in ukpor then upgraged to my high secondary at Girls high school ukpor in Nnewi south local government then headed to OOU where I obtained my tertiary certificate in microbiology with second class lower division.


Gubi: Journey into Acting:

Sylvia: Hmmm I didn’t just jump into acting per say, I started as a face model from 2005 which as given me some ambassadorial deal(short term deal) in the likes of MTN printing, scan frost, mouka form, grand beer, heritage bank, baron oil etc then the love for camera grew to acting stage then I decided to obtained knowledge on becoming a thespian at PEFTI institute although didn’t stay to run the whole period as required reason is under personal reason


Gubi: Have participated in any Acting competition or talent hunt?

Sylvia: No.


Gubi: Names og some movie you have acted in.

Sylvia: Hmmm so far so good I have starred in quite numbers of jobs in the likes of marine kingdom, same blood, pastors shadow, college girls, gamble of love, a onto babes, feed me more men, derlene’s home, private part, idemili, village school girls, born again sisters, magic queen, cry of pain, daddy goes to school etc and many others.


Gubi: Have you produced any movie of your own?

Sylvia: For now, No but coming up soon with a story that will thrill peoples ear very educating


Gubi: Any professional award.

Sylvia: Hmmm yes (laughs) dedee entertainment/humanitarian award held in USA Maryland though I wasn’t present.


Sylvia Chinyere - Nollywood. Gubi Interview Gubi: How do you get your inspiration for movies?

Sylvia: My inspirations for stories comes from reading books as I love reading when I start to roll camera on the stories you will understand why its from reading because my stories are fiction/true life story and most times ideas just flow through my mind and I quickly jot them down.


Gubi: Who is your role model in Nollywood.

Sylvia: Hmmmmm every good actor is my role model but my first love goes to Genevieve Nnaji, you understand, her ways of interpreting a role is just effortless what I mean no struggles it comes out as if it was meant for her alone(laugh) again Mr and Mrs Olu Jacobs these two always nailed English words I mean they punch words and my strength in words pronunciation came from them.


Gubi: How can you rate the Movie industry.

Sylvia: For now I will rate the movie industry 60% we still have a lot to do, to learn, starting from the first office (directing) to the last


(Acting) we need more knowledge to make us professionals at what we do because we serve the nation. yes if you must know people are watching our movies round the globe any error encountered goes round.


Gubi: Is there any Celebrity Actor you have Crush for.

Sylvia: (Laughs) please its normal to have a crush I don’t expect you ask this.


Gubi: Which Nollywood Superstar you will like to work with.

Sylvia: I would love to work with so many fantastic actors and we know them, my first cinema movie must have Genevieve Nnaji and Ramson Noah don’t quote me wrong everyone are good though i wont mention names I have my reasons.


Gubi: What is your take on Actors going into Politics.

Sylvia: Hmmmm its personal choices I don’t have any take on that everyone has mapped down his or her vision so maybe going into politics is their second dream.


Gubi: What is your beauty routine.

Sylvia: My beauty routine hmmmm I live a normal life like everyone just that I have mapped out less alcohol intake, and I eat more fruits then I skip my dinner often though I don’t go to the gym but I exercise at home.



Gubi: Is the Government doing enough on the Fight against Piracy.

Sylvia: Yea I think so, but to be frank the word pirate, its does exist because I believe we are our own stumbling blocks, they know how to combat piracy if they want to. they know the right thing to do. My lips are sealed I will stop here.


Gubi: Your Favorite Vocational Country.

Sylvia: Florida in USA has been in my mind though I have never travelled but trust me anytime I touch America Florida will have me as their guest(laugh). I know my reason don’t ask me.


Gubi: Advice to aspiring Actors.

Sylvia: My advice to aspiring actors hmmmm this thing is not easy oooo its not a place you come today and expect quick influx of cash, you must be the type with more enthusiasm for this thing called acting, perseverance (you must endure till it gets to your turn) and work hard (by self practice, deep reading to get knowledge) and then hold on to God, he is the one that glorifies all efforts, don’t go there(voodoo) for quick reign because some went, it will vanish easily, just know that graces are different.

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