31-year-old Zama Sishi

NAIJ.com gathered that a young woman has finally died at the hands of her abusive boyfriend after his previous attempt to throw her off a bridge. According to reports, the deceased identified as 31-year-old Zama Sishi had been in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend for a while before he murdered her. Before eventually shooting her to death in her apartment, Sishi’s boyfriend identified as 32-year-old Ayanda Nkosi had reportedly tried to throw her off a bridge weeks before. Nkosi was said to have tried to throw her into the Jozini Dam in South Africa but she managed to escape with the help of a passerby. Nkosi however killed himself after shooting his girlfriend. One of Zama’s relatives said the couple had been fighting a lot because she wanted to end the relationship. “Apart from Ayanda’s attempt to throw her over the bridge, there have been other shocking incidents. He has been beating her severely. Zama had a fresh injury on her head that she sustained from a recent beating.” Another source said: “Her boyfriend was jealous and abusive and their fights have been going on for a couple of months. It is not clear how long the two have been dating because neither of them is from the area. They came to the area early this year. Zama worked in Jozini and her boyfriend constantly visited her.” Confirming the incident, the KZN police spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Thulani Zwane, said the case was being investigated as a murder at the Jozini police station. He said: “Circumstances around the incident are still being investigated.”

This is just sad. RIP to her!


This man I don’t know what to say about him, Oga if you know say life don tire you and you wan die, why you no die alone? Why do you have to take this fine sister with you? What right do you have to kill yourself and anybody, are you the creator of your life? Now you are facing GOD tell him what you did! GOD please have mercy don’t let us die like chickens and goats. Gubi

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