A pregnant teenage girl who committed suicide left a note
blaming her grandmother for sending her out of the house
pregnant 17-year-old girl, identified as Temitope Saka, has
committed suicide » by drinking a poisonous substance called
Sniper, leaving a suicide note that her grandmother is to be
blamed for her actions because she sent her out of the house
when she got pregnant for her boyfriend.
It was gathered that the incident which happened in the Igando
area of Lagos State, led to the arrest of the older woman after
the boyfriend took the note to the police at the Igando Division,
to report the incident.
The deceased, according to information, who was the only child
of her parents, had been living with the grandmother following
the demise of her own mother when she was three-years-old,
at the granny’s house located at Mofoluwasho Close, Alhaji Ede
bus stop, Igando.
A source close to the family narrated the incident that led to
the teenager killing herself:
“She had been living with her grandma since her mother died.
The grandma is a trader in Ikotun, where the girl met her
boyfriend, who is also a trader.
There were times that the girl brought the man home and he
spent the night with her because the grandma went for vigils.
Trouble started when the young girl became pregnant and the
woman insisted that she packed to her boyfriend’s house. She
threw out her luggage and chased her away,” the source said.
The girl who could not cope with the rejection, allegedly went
to the boyfriend’s house where she drank the deadly
substance. » She reportedly died at the Igando General
Hospital where she was rushed to and the boyfriend who later
saw the note, took it to the police.
A neighbour of the young man, said the two were so much in
love and the girl was devastated after her grandmother refused
to accept the situation.
“The girl and the boyfriend loved each other. The man did not
even reject the pregnancy. The grandma probably chased her
away because she could not stand the shame that the girl got
pregnant out of wedlock.”
“Last Wednesday, while she was at the boyfriend’s house, she
started foaming in the mouth and she was taken to the
hospital. The boyfriend found a suicide note where she accused
her grandma of causing her death. He reported to the police.
The police took the note and arrested the woman. She was in
tears at the bus stop as she kept saying she didn’t mean any
harm. It was a sad sight.”
This is a very sad incident and a very big lesson too,I can’t put my head around why the girl couldn’t wait to give birth to see what her grandmother would do,since her boyfriend accepted her and the pregnancy there would have been no need for the suicide even if he didn’t accept,did the boy visit the grandmother to explain his intentions towards her granddaughter to her?the grandmother was wrong to have driven the girl out of the house she would have invited the boy over to discuss the situation and find a way forward,first she lost her daughter now she has lost her granddaughter and great grand child which was a double blessing,there was no shame in what happened gone are those days when people frown or mock you because you are pregnant out of wedlock,it is not the right thing to do but what can one do when a teenager decides to get pregnant rather than face her studies the best thing was to protect her and the unborn child,the police should just let the old woman be because she’s going through a lot already,am sure she never knew it would come to this I guess she only wanted to teach the girl a lesson.Gubi

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