Barely six months after losing her husband in an accident,
Nkeiru’s in-laws want her to marry his older brother.
My name is Nkeiru, a 28-year-old mother of two. I am in deep
trouble at the moment because just six months after my
husband, Charles, died in a ghastly motor accident, his family
wants me to marry his older brother. »
I got married to Charles five years ago and we had two
daughters before his untimely demise and while I am still
mourning my husband » , his family came up with the nastiest
thing anyone can ever imagine.
They want me to get married to De Nduka, a man old enough to
be my father so that I will give birth to male children who will
keep Charles lineage in the family.
De Nduka, I must say, is one loafer who stays in the village and
all he does is drink and chase after widows.
When my husband was alive, he was the bread winner of the
family as he had a thriving business in Lagos as was the one
responsible for the whole family even though he was the last
child and the second son.
While De Nduka roamed the village, constituting a nuisance,
Charles was the enterprising one. My late husband was the one
who took care of De Nduka’s family. He paid the school fees for
his seven children, gave him money to take care of his own
family and was practically the head of the family.
Charles was on his way to Onitsha to supply his customers
with goods when the vehicle he boarded ran into a trailer,
killing everyone on board.
After his burial, the family insisted I stayed back at home for
the mandatory one year mourning period not minding that I also
had my business to attend to while my children also had to go
back to school.
I was still coming to terms with that when the threw me that
devastating bomb: that they had concluded plans for me to
marry De Nduka since I had no male child for my late husband.
I was shocked at the pronouncement, especially seeing that I
was still in mourning. I told them plainly that I would never get
married to De Nduka but they told me that it was the family’s
decision and I had no say in it since their culture demands
I have vowed to dare them this time around even though they
have told me to make life a hell for me even if I go ahead to
marry another man.
I don’t know how to get myself out of their grip because I was
married in the traditional way. I just hope they would not harm
me and my children.

See trouble,wahala dey ooo what kind of stupid tradition is this one?marrying from the same family as your dead husband’s is not proper not to talk of his own blood brother,the man involved is nothing to write home about according to you even if he is,GOD forbid my dear do what ever you have to do,to leave such barbaric family with their stupid tradition,are girls not children? Contact a good lawyer get your family involved they must sign undertaken that nothing will happen to you or your children,you must free your self from this heartless people who don’t know what love is or what you and your late husband shared,how can this be in this present world?Gubi

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