The Ghanian man

A Ghanaian mortuary attendant has confessed during a radio interview how much he enjoys sex with female corpses. A 45-year-old Ghanaian mortuary attendant » identified only as Kwadoo has confessed to having sex with all the female corpses brought to his facility to be embalmed. Kwadoo who was interviewed by a radio station in a local language insisted that he does enjoy sex with the dead bodies just as much as he enjoys with living women. In the interview, Kwadoo who works in the mortuary located at Akyem Tafo in the Eastern Region boasted that it is part of his job to sleep with all the female dead bodies brought to him and that he enjoys the sex so much and has been in the act for over 10 years. He added that he has been sleeping with the corpses wherever he worked including in Accra, Kumasi, and Accra and that he is very careful not to impregnate the corpses. “I don’t see it to be wrong at all. Yes, I have sex with them but all I have to do is to ensure that I don’t ejaculate in the dead body because it could get pregnant in the afterword; I may be haunted by the spirits if they get pregnant. It is same as normal sex and I enjoy it very much,” Kwadoo was quoted as saying.



When I first read this story I realized this man is sick he is not ok, he needs help his kind of sickness is really terrible as there might not be a cure, how is it possible for a normal person to sleep with a dead person? What type of a human being would do that only a sick one, most people die of different types of diseases but he sleeps with the dead women directly and still sleeps with living humans directly, does he have a wife or a girlfriend? this thing we women have between our legs has really suffered, somebody who has been sleeping with all the dead women brought to any mortuary he works in for the past 10 years is no longer a human, Baba GOD save your children oooo only GOD knows what people passes to their partners through sex, he said it was part of his job to sleep with the dead women? Who gave him such job? Is it the hospital? The family members of the dead women? Who did? Or he took it upon himself to do it for reasons best known to him alone? Does he have the right to violate any dead woman? This is an abomination GOD forbid. Gubi


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