In the recently released Forbes List , American Pop singer,
Madonna , topped the list of America’s richest female
musicians in 2017. The 36- year – old artiste , earned a whooping
$580 million . Forbes reports that her Rebel Heart tour, which
ended in March 2016 , grossed $ 170million.
Second on the list is Celine Dion with $ 400 million , while
Barbra Streisand clinches the third position with $390 million
Beyonce sits at the 4th spot with $350 million, as her last
year ’s Lemonade album and the Formation World Tour
reportedly grossed a quarter of a billion dollars .
Taylor Swift completes the list of the top 5 with $ 280 million
largely due to the success of her 1989 tour, which smashed
North American touring records

I don’t usually post stories like this here but this very one got my attention because of Madonna’s age is this typing errors or what? Madonna 36years old? A woman that is the same age as my mother is 36years old!!! Madonna was born August 16th 1958 she is 58 years old and will be 59 next August not 36. Gubi

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