A 45-year-old man from the Molo Township in Nakuru County
of Kenya, Hassan Langat, has been lynched to death by angry
residents after he was caught having sex with the corpse » of
his own daughter.
Nairobi Wire reports that Langat’s teenage daughter had died of
a brain tumor and he reportedly ordered that the body be
preserved in a separate room instead of taking her to a
But residents were shocked to catch him in the act of having
sex with the corpse of the girl » and descended on him,
beating him to stupor and was rushed to the St Joseph
Hospital in Elburgon where he died while undergoing treatment.
Confirming the incident, Sarambei sub-location assistant chief,
Joseph Ngeno said:
“The girl’s body was taken to a separate house in line with
Kalenjin traditions as the family waited to transfer it to the
According to residents, the man frequented the house in the
wee hours on Friday, claiming he was going to check if the
girl’s body was safe.
A neighbour of the Langat’s, Rose Ruto narrated how he was
“He took too long in the room and we decided to check on him.
We were shocked to see him with his pants down. We raised an
alarm after seeing the shocking sight.
Angry neighbours responded to the alarm and attacked him
mercilessly. He died while undergoing treatment,” Ruto said.

Serves him right wonders will never end,na Waoo!!! Your own dead daughter? Who knows if he was sleeping with the girl while she was alive only GOD knows if his act was ordinary or diabolical,no respect for the dead again shameless man he got exactly what he deserves let him go to hell and burn to ashes nonsense. Gubi

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