Nollywood actress Empress Njamah has given her
thoughts on domestic violence
– She said both men and women can be victims
– The actress advises women to help their husbands
control their anger
Nollywood actress Empress Njamah has given her insight on
domestic violence. In an interview with Broadway TV, she
explained that even men are victims and women may break a
man down mentally.
“In her words: I will say this. We are talking about domestic
violence and this is very serious. A man hits a woman, it’s
domestic violence. A woman hits a man and what is it called?
No seriously, I love the topic. It’s all about the women but do
you know that there are men more beaten up mentally than the
women who they beat physically.
I’m not saying it is advisable but the truth of the matter is
sometimes, women are head strong and they can traumatize
their partner mentally and if could make their partner run man
and they don’t know when they hit. A lot of things happen in
marriages, it’s not a bed of roses. I’m not saying it’s good but
sometimes you need to work together to help the man. If the
man is naturally a woman beater, you can help the man out of
it. He must have experienced a lot of things growing up and
inculcates it.
Sometimes, let’s not just put it on the man alone. If a woman
hits a man, what is it called? That’s why overseas, sometimes a
woman hits a man but they can’t do anything because they
don’t want to go to jail. The next things the man kills himself.
What is it called when a woman hits a man? Why don’t people
see it? Are they not humans?
Don’t beat a woman but women help the men. Help them
control their anger and do things. If your husband tells you he
feels something you do is wrong and you are head strong.
Sometimes, their single friends could also advise them wrongly.
Sometimes women need to read books r Google how to keep a
man and make him happy. Marriage is a different ballgame.
Basically, when you are talking about violence, it’s a two way
thing. Men or women can commit it. Work together. It’s not a
biggie. The woman could either push the man or the man is
head strong and stubborn. It could be anything. That’s why
you are married, help the man control it. If the woman is that
kind of person too, stop it. That’s why most men get a second
wife, because they don’t want to beat the woman or get a
divorce. The second wife will now pet the man. Men are babies,
they just want to be treated as babies.”



To some extent I agree with Empress some women push their men to the wall by being unnecessarily stubborn and troublesome,but most men on the other hand are just naturally women beaters there’s nothing you can do to change them,the more you try to change them the worse they become but if naturally a man is not a woman beater but it happens occasionally due to the woman’s attitude such a man can be stopped by that same woman if she’s willing to change,there are also some men that no matter what you do or preach they will never stop beating their wives because they were raised that way,probably they were brought up in a violent environment it takes two to tangle we should all work on our attitude so that we can all live in peace with one another,it is not easy to have two people from two different backgrounds living in the same roof,they were both raised differently they have to live and learn each other’s attitude. Gubi

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