Given half the chance, you could get almost everything to buy
online, including a baby, if this couple has anything to say
about it.
ABC News affiliate, WATE reports that a Tennessee couple was
arrested for trying to sell their 5-month-old baby online.
According to the reports, John David Cain, 26, and Deanna Lynn
Greer, 37, have been charged with aggravated child abuse and
aggravated child neglect or endangerment following the
discovery of an ad on Craigslist that offered the baby for the
sum of $3,000.
Officers of the Greene County Sheriff’s Office caught the couple
during a sting operation which ended on Friday, March 24, 2017,
after the two exchanged the baby with state agents for cash.
The pair were immediately arrested and taken into police
custody at the Greene County Jail in Greeneville, Tennessee.
According to the reports, Cain and Greer are being held on a
$150,000 bond and have been scheduled to appear in court
during the first week of April.
Meanwhile, the baby has been lace in the state’s custody.
The couple’s legal representation remains unclear.

These ones are not parent,look at their faces they look like criminals,what parents would sell their own child no matter the hardship?they should never have access to that child come what may,the child should be put in a better foster home where she can be well taken care of as for those ones they should remain in jail until they have learnt their lessons they look unrepentant to me.Gubi

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