There was a mid-drama at Shagamu road police station in Ikorodu local government Lagos.

This is the boy in sack bag

These two men are killers

This two men captured the young boy killed him cut off his head and put his body and head in a sack in broad daylight and attempted to travel with the body, when they got to the motor pack the people loading the vehicle noticed the bag was too heavy, they started asking this two heartless men what was in the bag and they couldn’t give any reasonable answer the park boys brought down the bag and decided to check the bag, my GOD it was a young boy with his head cut off.

Can you imagine wickedness!


People standing in front of Shagamu road police station Ikorodu

These men killed this innocent little boy for rituals purposes

The crowd wanted to lynch them but the police came to their rescue by arresting them and taking them to the station.



In fact I tire! See person precious son see as dem cut his neck like goat, GOD you dey see wickedness of men? Have mercy let your anointing fall upon this great nation, wey bad people wan spoil, GOD do to them what you did in the land of Egypt let Isaiah 49 and Psalm 109 be the potion of all our enemies Amen, father Lord fight against those that are fighting against us let your light shine upon your children,   May we never be cut down in our prime, protect and guard our children against every obstacles of this life, ritualist will not see them in Jesus name Amen, I cover every child in this country with the precious blood of Jesus Amen. Gubi




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