A 26-year-old man has been declared wanted after he allegedly stabbed his 18-year-old lover to death inside a hotel room. The police in Bayelsa State have begun a manhunt for a 26- year-old man who allegedly s tabbed his 18-year-old girl identified as Faith Pius, to death in a hotel room located at the Biogbolo area of Yenagoa, the state capital. PM News reports that the suspect stabbed the lady » during an argument in the hotel and took to his heel when the cries of the victim attracted the attention of other guests in the hotel who came to her rescue. The youths were said to have attacked shops and vandalized vehicles reportedly owned by kinsmen of the suspected killer along some streets in the area and only the intervention of the police saved the situation from escalating. One of the guests who confirmed the incident said that the suspect had escaped when other guests and residents in the neighbourhood rushed to the scene. While speaking to a correspondent, a source said that on the night of Friday, May 5, 2017, adding that the deceased was rushed to a private clinic where she was treated and the wounds stitched. “But she developed complications on Saturday and died on Sunday morning,” the source said. The Commissioner of Police in the state, CP Amba Asuquo who confirmed the incident, said it was first considered as a case of assault occasioned by harm. “Initially, it was treated purely as a case of assault occasioned by harm but now that the girl has died, we are now treating a case of murder against the suspect. We are in the process of ensuring that the suspect is arrested because after committing the crime, he ran away. I know some people are associating it to ritual killing but we cannot conclude just yet,” he said. It was also gathered that youths of Biogbolo community had taken to the streets to protest the death of the girl from knife cuts inflicted on her by her lover boy.


My questions are just too many (1) what was an 18years old girl doing in an hotel room with a man even if that man was her boyfriend (2) how did the man manage to get the knife he used on her?(3)did he carry the knife along with him when he was going to the hotel?(4)Has he had this plan all along to kill her or it was just a coincidence? If it was a broken bottle I will know what to say but knife is like there’s more this particular killing, a young girl that is just starting life has lost it due to what nobody can explain, young girls should be very careful of the type of men they go out with the world is getting more dangerous by the day, love yourself value the precious life that GOD gave you as it has no duplicate pity your parents listen to their good advice, don’t go about with men anyhow, I hope the young man will get as much punishment as he deserves he can’t run forever he that kills with the sword must die by the sword. Gubi

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