Hello, my name is Sarah this evening I am here with Gubi C.E.O Gubi01 Limited reporting for gubi01ltd.com Magazine. She is a model, songwriter and a fashion guru.



Gubi Interview Can We Meet You?

My name is Gloria Umuyetu Bello Imam. I am from Edo State, my mom is from Fuga and my Dad is from Auchi both in Edo State.

I am a mother of two adorable children. I am the sixth child of my mother, we are eight in number, four males and four females.

By God’s grace. I am the CEO of Gubi0l Limited A Modeling and fashion organization. I am a model, a songwriter and fashion guru.

I was raised in Edo State and Lagos State.

Growing up was tough and fun at the same time.

As a teenager I was very stubborn I hate cheating, I dislike disrespectful people for me respect is very important. I dislike ruthless people.



What Kind Of A Person Are You

I will classify myself as a no nonsense person.

I am a positive thinker and a free spirited person. I never give up as the Americans say when the going gets tough the tough get going. That’s just who I am.



How Did You Come About Modeling?

I fell in love with modeling at age 17, there was a fashion show on NTA 2 Channel 5 that I never use to miss, I really like how slim those girls were and their catwalk, sometimes when no one was around I would dress myself up in my elder sister’s cloths and be checking myself out in the mirror the very first time I told my mom about my ambition of becoming a model she wouldn’t hear of it.



How Come You Are Now A Model

Let’s just say I have done what she required of me.


Who Are Your Role Models

Kimora Simon, I like her a lot, I have always admire her, the first time I learnt about her was in 2006, I like her business sense, I love her swagg, as a model she nailed it and as a mother I think she is a super mom.



What’s Your Beauty Routine?

For now I don’t do much, I use face cleanser once in a while, I bath with black soup and honey, I don’t use cream because I hate sweating I only use cream during hamattan.



Gubi Interview What Do You Do To Keep Fit

I do a lot of exercise. I skip, I jug and I dance a lot, I eat the right food and I eat lots of fruits.



How Did You Come About The Name Gubi

Gubi is my birth name, my mom gave me Gloria, my dad gave me Umuyetu and my surname is Bello Imam that’s how I got the name Gubi.



Tell Us About How You Fell In Love With Fashion.

My love for fashion started in 2001, I use to own a boutique called ATLATIC BOUTIQUE in Festac Town, before then I never use to pay attention to what I wore, I just wore whatever looked good on me and my elder sister use to complain about the quality of cloths I wore and I never use to pay attention to her but when I opened that boutique that was when my love for fashion started, you know going to the market buying different out fits and all that.



Tell Us About Your Clothing Line

It is called Gubi collections. We make and sell different kinds of cloths, party wears, office wears relaxation cloths, night gowns and evening gowns, our cloths are affordable, comfortable and sophisticated. Simple but classy, the main thing I look out for is comfort and affordable prices.



What Can People Do On gubi01ltd.com

People can shop, you can listen to music and download songs, you can buy and order cloths online, you can make payment online, you can download my pictures you can send your opinions and comments online on how we can serve you better, you can read our online magazines stories and interviews, it is a site for everyone.



Gubi Interview Do You Think You Have A Chance In The Nigerian Market

By God’s grace, I do our cloths are beautiful and affordable with good quality, we make cloths that anyone can afford, most people want to look and dress well but they don’t have the means, for me I look out for comfort and sophistication, you can’t take one out the two go together, I like to see beautiful things, I want everyone to look good too, am looking at a Nigeria where everyone can dress well both rich and poor.



Who Are The Celebrities You Would Like To Cloths

I would like to cloths many.



Do You Think Our Celebrities Dress Well Especially On The Red Carpet

Some yes, some no, dressing well is not about how much you spend on a dress is about how well what you are wearing fits you. There are cloths and hair for some certain occasions that’s what most people should know.



Give Us Five Tips Of Looking Good

Bathing regularly, you have to take your personal   hygiene very seriously.

You have to have confidence in yourself.

You have to know your body type, what to wear and what not to wear. You have to always wear the right cloths at the right time.

You have to be updated and you have to have the right walk for the right dress.

You have to be happy, when you are happy you will always look good and one last thing (comfort) wear comfortable cloths.



Gubi Interview Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Five Years

Only God knows, he is high and mighty.



Let’s Talk About The Issue Of Artist Management

I have been into music business since 2011 back then I signed some artists, we recorded some tracks and started promotion, people were just reaping me off, and the artists were not behaving themselves, I really tried for them, but the group split up and the solo artist, I had to drop him for some reasons but he was very good though. I decided to take a break and go into catering business, now I am back I am ready to work with any good and serious minded artist.



Do You Have Any Regrets

Yes, I do, my mom, she died when I was 20, and it affected a lot of things, two years later I lost my elder brother he was just 26years old when he died, in 2006 my eldest sister lost her husband who was like a father to us all, he stood by us when my mom died, I don’t know why the good die young in most cases. I really miss this three people they were very dear to me, this is my only regret. Every other experience in my life I learned from it and moved on.


How Do You Relax

I am an indoor person, I don’t like going out much, I listen to music a lot, I watch movies, I play with my children.



What Are Your Hobbies

I love cooking, reading, listening to music, watching movies, and dancing.

In conclusion I pray a lot and try as much as possible to get closer to God the creator.







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