A solemn aura spread across the nation early last year as former NTV host Janet Kanini Ikua was proclaimed dead. The news of her passing on broke on the first day of April and what was initially thought to be a sick April fools’ joke was actually a reality. Janet Kanini was a former NTV news anchor prior to hosting the NTV’s N-Soko Property Show which she was nationally recognized for. The late wife and mother of two gave hope to many when she publicly fought stage four cancer while updating us on her progress through a series of Facebook updates. She consequently gained recognition as the face of the battle against Cancer in the nation and a fundraising concert was held in her honor in November 2015.


The beginning of Janet’s cancer journey
Prior to Janet’s Cancer diagnosis, she was made to believe that she was suffering from deep vein thrombosis. However, later that same year Janet was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Despite the disheartening news, Janet remained cheerful and made an effort to clear the somber atmosphere by cracking jokes in her hospital bed to cover for awkward silences. Her level of optimism as she battled this terminal illness was an inspiration to the entire country.


Janet the life of the party and true friend
The news of Janet Kanini Ikua death was overwhelming to many including former Radio host Kalekye Mumo who remembers Janet for her vivacious trait and a remarkable zest for life. She adds that Janet’s beautiful smile and laughter will be ruefully missed. Janet was known for her radiant smile on screen and incomparable personality, and she will forever be remembered for the great love she had for her friends and family. Mercy Maroma, the NTV production manager, recounts Janet as the embodiment of friendship.

With her father battling the same terrible illness, Mercy recalls Janet walking the journey with her offering a great deal emotional and financial support. She adds that Janet was selfless in nature and regardless of her cancer battle at the time, Janet dropped everything to support her when her father passed on.

Many paid tribute to the Presenter on social media including her former co-worker Grace Msalame who wrote about how she taught us to develop strength despite difficult situations and the art of fighting to the very end. Janet made a name for herself as the brave cancer defeater, and many Kenyans were in awe of her valor.


Janet the diligent anchor
Janet was deemed an exceptional news anchor in Kenya. She hosted the N-Soko property show prior to her death. She worked with sheer diligence, and her vibrant smile always kept Kenyans glued to the screen every time her television show aired. The news of Janet Kanini’s death was rather heart-rending as we all presumed that she won the battle against Cancer as she had publicly announced a year before her passing. When the media proclaimed Janet Kanini Ikua dead, Many Kenyans shared the same sad sentiments as coming to terms with her death was rather tough for Kenya as a whole.


Janet the woman of faith
Despite Janet Kanini Ikua illness, she had an unshakable level of faith, and she never let the illness to bring her down. She spent her final days giving motivational speeches and for the most part enjoying every moment of life. Janet Kanini Ikua cancer battle inspired the Kanini 4 Africa Foundation as she was determined to beat cancer. She had to go through numerous Chemotherapy sessions losing her hair in the process, but her smile and bubbly spirit were never lost.

Those who were fortunate enough to have met Janet Ikua describe her as a vibrant character that brought light to their lives. About a month before her passing, Janet tweeted the quote “Even when you don’t get a miracle, you can be a miracle,” “Prepare yourself for the Kingdom and inspire others. Don’t let cancer steal your joy.” These great words of will forever live in us as a form of encouragement and in memory of Janet Kanini Ikua’s great soul that lives on forever.



Source: Tuko


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