Africa has seen its fair share of major artists come and go over the years, but sometimes even we, the music “experts” are taken by surprise when one of our faves disappears off what feels like the face of the planet.

We’ll hear a song from yesteryear and subsequently wonder, “What on earth happened to these guys or this singer or this group?”

Here are just a few people we started thinking about this week (try not to get too nostalgic!)

Cabo Snoop

Who can forget the legendary track that was “Windeck”? The Angolan singer really had Africa moving to his hit singles and his dance moves were simply unworldly. As a friend put it, “No man should be allowed to move like that!”. Fast forward to 2018, Cabo is still only 27 but is much quieter these days. He did get married in 2015 though!


Nico and Vinz

Okay this might seem like a reach because these guys were actually born and raised in Norway, but their African heritage was visible to anybody with two eyes (and ears!). Nico and Vinz rocked the world with “Am I Wrong” and managed to score themselves a few hot collabos too (notably with Bebe Rexha on “That’s How You Know”) but the hype has well and truly died down.



Da Babes

Everybody in South Africa was excited to see Da Babes hit the scene in the early naughties. They were talented, sexy and everything you wanted from an all-girl band but sadly we never heard more than one song from them.




Konga hit the music scene in Nigeria circa 2008 and my word, did he have an impact. In fact, his hit single “Baby Konga” was so big that it was banned by the government. Unfortunately, he never came back from this.



Shavey and Slice

Shavey and Slice have fallen into the history books of Kenyan music as “One Hit Wonders” but their single, “Gyal” still remains one of the biggest party tracks in East Africa.



Roy Kapale

Roy Kapale from Uganda really had us bumping and jiving to his tunes in the 90s. Many people reading this might not be old enough to remember, but the singer was a very big deal around this time in his career. These days, the only notable headline he’s made was announcing his graduation in 2016.



Source: MTV Base


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