Jean Claude - Van Damme


Name:                      Jean-Claude – Van Damme

Date of Birth:          18th October, 1960

Birth Place:             Brussels Belgium

Nationality:             Belgium

Spouse:                     Gladys Portugues

Condition:                Rapid Cycling Bipolar

Other Condition:     Cocaine Addiction (Remission)


Van Damme was diagnose with Rapid Cycling Bipolar disorder. The actor faced chemical dependency amidst his struggle with bipolar disorder early in life he found that intense training allowed him to overcome and cope with the symptoms of the disorder.

Later on he was diagnosed with Rapid Cycling Bipolar disorder for which her was treated successfully, it appears with Depakote (sodium valproate) due to the sodium in the compound he coined it “the simple salt which took the figurative water moving all around him and turned it into a lake.

Van Damme diagnosis assisted him in recognizing the destructive behaviors in his life and allowed him to get the correct medication before he was diagnose he was into drugs (Cocaine) and abusive of his spouse, he was married four times in ten years to four different women, he was into self-destruction and high lifestyle, he is now managing himself well and speaking out in order to help others deal with the illness. He is open about his struggles and seems less and less to be fighting the world.

He has also cultivate healthier relationship with the people around him.

Van Damme remarried and settled into a healthier existence with one of his ex wives and the spousal abuse and dramas have settled.



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