Picture of a naughty monkey went » viral after it was spotted groping a female tourist.

The female tourist had a monkey use her breast for balance as it climbed over her shoulder, prompting netizens to jokingly call it the “molester monkey”.

One online commentator pointed out: “It makes a change from the tourist trying to stroke the monkeys, now the monkeys are turning the tables and fondling the tourists instead. ”

The Japanese macaques are a popular tourist attraction in central China’s wild animal park. They are known to entertain people with their eccentric and comical behaviour.

Hundreds of tourists love to take photographs of macaques, which are known for their red faces and which are also called snow monkeys.

More than 200 of the monkeys live in the freezing forest mountains and cliffs around Jigokudani, which is also known as Hell’s Valley.

This is not the only time monkeys have acted naughty, recently a monkey grabs camera from a British tourist to take a selfie! »




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