How Your Zodiac Sign Actually Influences Your Physical Appearance

Since your sign has a major influence on your personality, it also has a big impact on your personal style

But even though our genetics determine things like our height and our bone structure, we also have control over certain aspects of our appearance. For example, we can choose to wear makeup or go barefaced. We can get our hair cut in a certain way, or we can dye it a different color than its natural shade. We can even do things like go tanning to change our skin tone. There are so many factors that are completely under our control.

Did you know that your zodiac sign can even have an influence on the way you look? Some signs have different physical characteristics in common. And since your sign has a major influence on your personality, it also has a big impact on your personal style. The way you choose to dress, do your makeup, and style your hair could be connected to your sign! Here’s how your sign influences your physical appearance.



16. Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

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Fire signs, you just know that when you walk into a room, heads seem to turn. You can’t explain it—do you have some kind of strange aura that people pick up on? Is it the way that you carry yourself? Can people just instantly see that you mean business? It could be a combination of all of these things, depending on your sign! Some fire signs definitely walk with a certain swagger that just draws people to them. Others allow their confidence to shine through with their every movement. And some just give off a vibe that cannot be ignored. One thing is for certain, since the moment human beings invented fire, we have been drawn to it in some way—and people are definitely drawn to fire signs.



15. Aries: You Look Laid Back

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Aries, as we explained earlier, people do seem to be drawn to you—but it’s precisely because you’re not flashy. You have a fairly laid back style most of the time, although you do enjoy dressing up on certain occasions. Overall, you just give off a vibe that makes people want to be around you, and some of this is because of your appearance. You don’t like to wear a ton of heavy makeup, so when people see you, they typically view you as low maintenance and chilled out right off the bat. You usually leave your hair long and natural (which guys tend to love, as you may have figured out), and you probably receive a lot of compliments on it. Your understated appearance actually attracts more people than you might expect.



14. Leo: Your Confidence Shines Through

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Leo, you already know that you are one confident woman. In fact, you might have the highest self-esteem out of anyone you know! You definitely know how to talk the talk and walk the walk, which can make you intimidating to some, but you don’t mind—you like knowing that not everyone can compete with you. So, how does this affect your appearance? Well, for starters, you would never be caught dead slouching. You have always had perfect posture, and you are simply the master at walking in heels—you can strut down a cobblestone street in heels without tripping once. You have a big, genuine smile, your eyebrows are always on point, and your highlight and contour are always perfect. You look like a woman who knows what she’s doing.



13. Sagittarius: You Have No Time For Beauty Standards

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Sagittarius, your personal style is fairly similar to Aries in some ways, not so much like Leo’s. You are known for being low maintenance and carefree, and the way that you present yourself reflects that. You love to grow your hair long and use a little sea salt spray to create beachy waves. You are not a big fan of makeup, and you rarely ever wear it. Since you love to spend a lot of time outdoors—every Sagittarius seems to have a special connection with nature—you are generally quite tan in comparison to everyone around you, which can make you stand out. And your wardrobe is full of flowy dresses and skirts, strappy sandals, floral tops, and long scarves. You look like a hippie, and you love it!


12. Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

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Earth signs, you don’t tend to put much thought into your appearance—and that’s fine! This is true for signs under some of the elements as well, as you may remember from reading about Aries style and appearance. So, what features make you stand out? What factors make other people turn their heads to look at you? Well, for starters, earth signs are the masters at looking classy. Some other signs would rather reject those traditional standards, but you know just how important it can be to dress in a sophisticated, modest way in order to make a good impression. When you show up to a job interview, you generally look like you already work at the office. Trust us, your efforts pay off, and people view you very positively.


11. Taurus: Sweatpants And No Makeup? No Big Deal

Taurus, you can switch between styles so easily. You are more willing to experiment because you don’t place a lot of value on material objects. You are a minimalist, so you have a closet full of statement pieces, a couple basics, and your favorite tee shirts and sweatpants! Basically, Taurus, you are most comfortable in something very casual. You like to keep your hair short because you do not want to waste a lot of time washing, brushing, and styling it. You also keep your makeup routine down to some mascara, concealer, and chapstick! You have a serious, more mature looking face—people often think you are older than you are. But when you do decide to dress up, you can just see people’s jaws dropping! You are a true classic beauty.



10. Virgo: You Always Look Put Together

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Virgo, you have never had one of your friends drag you aside for a fashion intervention. And you wouldn’t be caught dead looking trashy! Nope, you are a big fan of classic, stylish pieces. For example, you love little black dresses, white Oxford button downs, dark skinny jeans tucked into boots—you get the idea. Oh, and don’t forget ballet flats, your personal favorite. Your hair may be a more understated color, like chestnut brown or dirty blonde, but it works well with your complexion. You are most likely on the tall side, and this helps you carry yourself with grace. And when you add high heels, wow! When you decide to dress up, you truly look like a queen—you always look stately and put together.


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