Love is great, but sometimes you might just have to walk out of a relationship that doesn’t serve you anymore. Why stay stuck in a relationship that is heading nowhere, when you can just dump the dude and move on without your merry life?

This may come across as a mean thing to do, but let’s be honest – women have been on the receiving end of the ‘dumping’ for centuries. So who says we can’t walk out of a relationship too?

Seriously though, life is way too short to be with someone whom you’re no longer on the same page with. Some ladies think they’d earn bonus points for being long suffering girlfriends, but there is no such thing! If you realize that you and your boyfriend are drifting apart (emotionally) and he seems not to be bothered about it, you may have to give him a wake up call rather than continue to endure the misery that is your relationship.


How to walk out of a relationship without looking bad

Whoever walks out a relationship first is usually seen as the bad person, especially if it was done unceremoniously without prior notice or the subtlest of hints.

To avoid looking like a meanie, you may want to consider following these simple steps to end your relationship without any bad blood between you too.


 1. Talk about it

Have a sincere conversation with him about your concerns regarding the relationship. Let him know you are no longer happy with the way things are and you need a change. You can even do the “It’s not you, it’s me” thing. The goal here is to ease yourself out of this relationship smoothly without bruising his ego or starting a war.

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2. Keep your distance

Since you have already made up your mind to leave this guy, there’s no need to continue hanging around him. This might be a bit difficult to do if you live together, but it’s entirely impossible. Limit your contact with him as much as you can. Hang out with your friends more, ignore his calls sometimes if need be – but let it be clear to him that you are no longer 100% available to him.

3. Unfollow him on social media

It’s not enough to keep your distance from him physically, you should also cut him off on social media. Severing these ties will let him know you mean business and you are already moving on.


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