Name: Ku Hye-Sun
Date of Birth: November 9, 1984
Height: 163 cm
Spouse: Ahn Jae Hyun
Place of Birth: Incheon, South Korea


Ku Hye-Sun is a popular south korean actress born on november 9th 1984, she is from a family of four, father, mother, her older sister and herself while growing up, she initially dreamed to becoming a singer, she eventually formed a vocal band with friends, but due to her gaining popularity through the initernet as a model she put those goals on hold, she later signed with YG entertainment and still harbored dreams of singing, she was advice by the ceo of YG entertainment to pursue acting first, she made her debut in the KBS horror series “Nonstop 5” her major breakthrough came early 2009 with her performance as Geum Jan di in KBS 2’s hit series boys over flowers.
Husband: Ahn Jae Hyeon/ Kim Jun
In 2009 she also branched out into other fields in the art world on April 1st 2009 she published her first illuatrated novel “Tango” the novel sold over 30,000 copies in its first week of release, which made one of the best selling authorism south korea.
she has also branched into the field of directing, she directed a short film “The Madnna” (Yukwaehan Dowoomi) she took the role of director, screen writer, editor and music composer.
“The Madnna” screened at the pusan Asian short film festival and received the Audience Award. her short film also entered the 2009 pucheon international fantastic film festival.
She open her first painting exhibition “Tango” (Inspired by the paintings from her novel “Tango” she has also released her second album breath 2 from July 1st to July 7th, 2009 at the gallary Lamer in Insa-dong central Seoul. her exhibition attracted a total 10,000 visitors, the exhibition featured around 40 of Goo Hye-sun illustrations some from her novel.

She has also done artwork for gummy’s fourth album comfort. on 18-24 september 2012, she held her second exhibition titled “Afterimage” at the Hangaram design arts culture in the seoul arts centre showcasing 120 of her art pieces then donating all proceeds from the sales of her artwork towards purchasing “Clean Cars” (germ free automobiles) for the korea leukemia patient group
She also released her first album in october 2009 titled “Breath” the album consist of 8 tracks all piano instrumentals, except “Around the corner” (Song by Singer Gummy)
She officially registered her marriage to Ahn Jae Hyoen at the Gangnam district office on May 20th 2016, there were no wedding ceremony as the couple donated their wedding money to a hospital pediatrics ward. the couple met on the set of KBS 2 drama series “Blood” 2015 while working together.
Movies, Drama Series and T.V Movies she has featured in
1. Daughter I Daudeo (2014) – San Yi
2. Magic Yosul (2010)
3. August Rush (2007) – Cameo
Drama Series
4. You are too much/ Dangshineun Neomoohabmida (MBC/ 2017) – Jung Hea-Dang
5. Blood/ Beulreodeu (KBS2/2015) – Yoo Ri Ta
6. Angel eyes/ Enjelaizeu (SBS/ 2014) – Yoon Soo-wan
7. Absolute Darling/ Jue Dui Darling (GTV/2012) – Liao Xiao Fei
8. Take care of us Captain/Butaghaeyo kaebtin (SBS/2012) – Han Da-Jin
9. The Musical / Deo Myujikeol (SBS/2011) – Ko Eun-Bi
10. Boys Before Flower / Kkotboda Namja (KBS2 / 2009) – Geum Jan-Di
11. Chilwu, The Mighty / Choi kang chil woo (KBS 2/2008) – So-yoon
12. King and I / Wangkwa Na (SBS / 2007 -2008) – Yoon So-Hwa
13. Hearth of Nineteen / Yeol Aheup Sun Jeong (KBS / 2006 – 2007) – Yang Kook-Hwa
14. Song of the prince / Seo Oong yo (SBS / 2005-2006) – Eun-Jin
15. Nonstop 5 (MBC/2005)
T.V. Movies
16. Heo Nanseolheon (MBC / 2014) Short Film
17. Madonna / Yukwaehan Dowoomi (2009)
Movies She has Directed
1. Daughter / Daudeo 2014
2. The Peach Tree / Boksoongah Namoo (2011)
3. Magic/Yosul (2010)
AS a screen writer
1. Daughter
2. The Madonna / Yukwaehan Dowoomi (2009)
3. Tango 2009

Aside from her acting and directional works, she participates in a wide range of project including writing and drawing as well as ambassador activities, in recognition of her versatility and talents she was voted as the best female artiste in  the entertainment industry in 2012, she also received the korea fulfillment award and the ministry award for “Sharing happiness” for her charitable acts.
In 2013 she was more focused on her artworks on 17-31 August 2013 she held exhibition entitled anything that leaves yearning is all beautiful where she presents around 20 pieces of art, in the same year she attended the hong kong contemporary art fair, where she once again showcased her artworkd. The “Afterimage” exhibition also held on 9 – 27 October 2013 in Harbor city gallery in hong kong.
As an invitation of moon gallery. The illustration poster of her cat imango” will be sold at the exhibition where the profit will be donated to charity organisation ‘community chest Hong kong, goo then appointed as the 2013 Cheongou International Craft Biennale (CICB) ambassador for her artistic talent recognition as well as the ambassador for Artistree, an organization to encourage arts, on september 9 to october 11 2016 she was participated on DMC festival 2016 where she showed-off her paintings entitled “Dark yello” she also participated in some campaign project in 2012 she participated in the Ing Smiles project a campaign to spread hope through smiles, she has also directed a trailer for 14th persons with disabilities film festival (PDFFP in which she used sign language” to show that people born with disabilities do not differ from normal people in needing love.
In 2013, God participated and supported the gray ribbon campaign which was organised by mildral welfare foundation to promote disability awarness in 2015 Goo alongside with her dog Gamja, supported yellow lead campaign which aims to reduce the number of abandoned dogs another Goo’s activity was staring and narrating documentary films. In 2012 she learnt her voice as a narrator for SBS Documentary. The Hospice for the children who lives for today, then in 2013 she participated as quest star in MBC Documentary ‘prime’ on the episode “I love wood” where the film talked about the benefit of woods in south korea and how Goo loves to use wood in her art projects in 2014, she also became the narrator of KBS 1Documentary ‘Miracles’ in December in the episode Angel bread then she acted for the first time in documentary film as Heo Nanseolheon and became the narrator of the film received the plantinum remi in Biographical category” on world fest houston international film festival and gender equality grand prize” from the ministry of family and gender equality. In september 2016 she also became the narrator of KBS 2 documentary “Rookie” season 2.
She and her husband appeared in the reality show Newlywed Diary produced by Na Young-Seok, which will showcase their married life.


1.    KBS Drama Best Actress – 2006
2.    SBS Drama (Award new Star) The King and I – 2007
3.    26th Pusan Asian short film festival audience award The Madonna – 2009
4.    Andre Kim Best Star Award Best Female Star – 2009
5.    6th yahoo Taiwan Asian Buzz Awards Best Asian actress – 2009
6.    Best Couple award with lee min ho – 2009
7.    12th Short Film festival and asia spotlight award the madonna – 2010
8.    Fulfillment awards grand prize (Daesang) herself – 2012
9.    14 Annual Republic of korea design Award by ministry of knowledge economic – 2012
10.    Ministry of Gender Equality and family grand prize in gender and equality herself – 2013
11.    Ministry of Health and welfare award 2nd hapiness sharing talent herself – 2013
12.    2014 Asian Drama Awards best actress of the year
13.    The 6th Seoul Senior film festival best young director N/A – 2014
14.    2015 Asian Drama Award pilipinas best actress angel eyes.

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