So if you rolled this entire schedule back two months, with Moscow under direct attack in August instead of October, that would have removed the ultimate historical weapon: the Russian winter, which in this particular case was of incalculable value to the Soviets due to the historically early, cold and very harsh onset of 1941/42.  German troops were without winter clothes,  cold weather equipment refits and preparations,  with Hitler’s stubborn refusal to equip them so, insisting the campaign be finished before winter had set in. That was worth more than a dozen  or more Soviet divisions. And the Russian winter fights 24/7. So if this is now August, all that goes away.What may have then happened is this:

Moscow is quickly penetrated by elite SS/Gestapo troops but Zhukov, in denial about what is happening,  advises Stalin that the Red Army will hold. Stalin believes Zhukov and stays with his staff in Moscow. The Kremlin is seized and Stalin and his staff are captured before they can flee south to Samara. They are then filmed by the Nazis in captivity with images of the same distributed around the world. The SS and the Gestapo quickly have orders for surrender drawn up and issued  by puppet Soviet generals to all resisting Soviet troops. Demoralized Soviet troops capitulate, the Battle of Stalingrad never happens (it started the following summer), the huge oilfields at Baku (Azerbaijan) are seized, thus supplying the Wehrmacht with the petroleum products they need. Puppet Nazi governors are established all over the Soviet Union and the Gestapo takes it from there. All efforts are then re-focused on England. England falls before America can really get involved in the war. The Nazi sympathizing Edward VIII has his (1936) abdication “reversed” and is restored as the British Nazi puppet king. Edward VIII cuts diplomatic ties with America. America negotiates a truce with the now massively powerful Nazi Empire, along with Italy and the Empire of Japan. Pearl Harbor never happens because the truce is in effect before December 7th 1941. Hitler’s 80th birthday is celebrated in 1969.

In, short, the answer to the question posed, is, a scary: “very possible…” If the element of luck (winter) favored the Nazis and not the Soviets, the world could be a very different place today.

The Battle of Stalingrad. Had the Wehrmacht seized Moscow, Stalin and his staff in the summer of 1941, it may have never happened…


Bryan Cockel, History of science, WW II, natural history, politics.

Source: Quora


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