A convicted killer murdered a 65-year old in the street by
stabbing him » 15 times with a pair of scissors in an
unprovoked attack less than a year after being freed from a life
Steven Ryan, 43, of Glasgow, stabbed complete stranger Gordon
Murphy, 65, with a scissor blade in a frenzied and unprovoked
attack last December.
As the 65 year-old lay dying in the street close to his home,
Ryan calmly walked away and went on to buy drugs he claimed
boosted his ‘sexual prowess’.
He gave evidence during the trial and denied being the killer » ,
and instead claimed he only became involved after he spotted a
fight taking place over the road.
‘I saw him slumped across a hedge’
Ryan told the court: ‘I bent down and asked if he was OK. I
could see a lot of blood on his chest. I kind of panicked.’
However, a post mortem examination revealed Mr Murphy died
after one of the blows with the blade struck his heart. It also
found signs that he had tried to defend himself from the
frenzied attack.
Mr Prentice, the defense lawyer told the court: ‘ Mr Murphy lived
alone and was employed by G4S as a security guard.
‘He has been described as a quiet, unassuming man, who kept
himself to himself and enjoyed a pint with close friends.’
Mr Prentice told the court Ryan had been freed from prison in
late January 2014, but went on to kill again just 11 months
Ryan was aged just 21 when he killed lawyer Marshall
Stormonth in a crime that shocked Scotland.
Along with his then 17-year-old brother Dean, he strangled the
fiscal with a tie and belt before stealing the dead man’s bank
card, keys and money.
Mr Stormonth’s home in Glasgow’s North Kelvinside was then
set on fire with his body inside.
A jury at the time heard Ryan told a witness he and his brother
had met the gay fiscal in a bar and pretended to also be gay in
order to go home with him and rob him.
He will now serve at least another 25 years in jail.

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