These days, women try to be equal to men than ever but at the same time forget about some things which would actually take them closer to their goal. The thing is that somehow we come to the conclusion that all those cute things that we like guys certainly don’t. Of course, there are exceptions, and you should judge by the situation, but sometimes boys need some of that attention too.

That is why we decided to round up seven small details that your man will surely appreciate even though you have never ever thought he would. Men are grownup boys until the day they die what is more even the toughest of them are pretty romantic deep down, all you need to know is a proper way to get there.


#1. Compliments. Men care about their looks as well as we do! With the only difference that they try not to show it that open. That is why complimenting him once in a while can do a lot of good both of you!


#2. Appreciation. He wants to be the protector, the provider, the real man, after all, for you! That is why it is nice to mention from time to time that you do appreciate what he does.


#3. Bedroom time. Of course, your bedroom is the most intimate place for the two of you so do not be afraid to experiment within this sanctuary of yours!


#4. Alone time. All of us need some time to spend alone, to gather our thoughts and whatnot. That is why you should show him that you are not only ok with it but totally supportive of it – it will mean the world to him!


#5. Cell Pones. People are addicted to their devices these days, and that is what is wrong with modern society. That is why prove him that he is a lot more important to you rather than what is going on out there in the digital world.


#6. Little present. Little things matter. Whenever you are getting something for yourself – do the same for him. You can easily drown in his appreciation and admiration that is something we can promise you here!


#7. Direct contact. Take your time and look each other in the eye from time to time, as simple as that!




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