Natural aging is expected for all of us. This is true regardless of how much money we have or how famous we might be. It’s just a part of being a human and a part of growing up. It’s nearly unavoidable! Of course, this isn’t anything to be ashamed of—no matter what anyone else says.

Somehow, celebrities often look a lot younger than they actually are. There are a variety of factors that could be contributing to this. A lot of it has something to do with the amount of money and resources that they have. They have unlimited makeup artists at their fingertips. Not to mention, they are placed under the best lighting and filmed from the best angles.

As we have all noticed at one point or another, some of these celebrities seem to look better—or younger—now than they did when they were in their 20s and in their prime. Regardless of how this is happening, it’s pretty amazing. It’s also something that we see exclusively in Hollywood, aside from a few exceptions.

These celebrities seem to be aging in reverse—or not at all! Let’s take a look at these beautiful stars and the youth they still possess.


15. Candace Cameron Is Still D.J. Tanner

Some of us grew up watching Full House. Candace Cameron played the big sister, DJ Tanner. Obviously, we can’t expect Cameron to look identical to how she did back then. She was just a teenager, for goodness sake! She still looks super familiar though, and she still looks young, too.

We can see that Cameron has slowed down on the aging process significantly over the past decade or two. She’s almost 42, but we would never guess it if we saw her out and about. This chick has even had three kids and still looks good.

Overall, we’re pretty impressed with her aging. We want in on whatever she’s doing to reverse any potential signs of getting older. It seems to be working well for her! Maybe she’s just really lucky.


14. Jessica Alba—Too Young To Be A Mom

Of course, Jessica Alba isn’t really too young to have kids. We just think she looks way younger than the average mama. Plus, she always looks stunning, even if she’s just out with the kids. We’ve seen some no makeup shots of Alba, and she looks just as good without makeup as she does with.

Right now, she’s 36. If we compare a current picture to some from 20 years ago, she looks almost identical. She’s barely changed at all. We would expect having a few children would make her look a little bit older, but it just hasn’t happened. Her body hasn’t suffered either! We don’t see any signs of aging coming her way anytime soon.

Something is keeping Alba young—it might even be her three kids!


13. Halle Berry Appears To Be Immortal

There hasn’t really been a time that we’ve caught Halle Berry looking not-so-hot. She’s always been a beauty, and we kind of hate her for it. Naturally, we would have expected her smooth complexion or any of her other features to change. It simply hasn’t happened.

In addition to keeping her skin nice and supple, she’s also maintained a hot bod! Her face and her body have barely aged, if at all. This has been the case for as long as we’ve known her!

What some of us likely didn’t realize is that this actress is 51 years old. Many people would be happy to look that good at 30! Does Berry ever age? Will a wrinkle ever find its way onto her face? We’re beginning to have our doubts here.


12. Jennifer Lopez—Hottest Mama We Know!

Jennifer Lopez has only gotten more and more attractive since she was a young lady. She has always been pretty—of course! It just seems like she’s only become hotter over the past 20 years. We don’t know how she does it! It might just even be good genes. If it is, we wish she could have been our mom.

Overall, her style hasn’t changed a whole lot. It’s been adapted to the current trends, but she’s kept things familiar. This is one of the reasons we love her so much! She’s the same J-Lo that we have been admiring for a while now. She’s totally recognizable.

Shockingly, J-Lo is 48. This is pretty surprising, given that she hasn’t seemed to age at all so far. She might even be aging in reverse!


11. Gwyneth Paltrow Continues To Shine

Fans of Gwyneth Paltrow will be able to tell you some of the reasons that she still looks so young. It’s not a big secret, thanks to how public the star is. She shares information about healthy eating, and she wants everyone to hear all about it!

Could this be what’s keeping Paltrow so youthful? Do we really just need to eat more fruits and vegetables? If that’s all it takes, maybe it’s worth it!

We never would have guessed that Paltrow is 45 years old. She looks even better than she did when she was in her 20s. It’s amazing! Some places would probably still be ready to card her when she walks in the door. We’ve always thought she was gorgeous, but she keeps getting better every year.


10. Jennifer Aniston—The Same Rachel We’ve Always Known

Any fans of Friends can recall Rachel Green back in the day. She was a favorite of many viewers. Some liked her personality, but most of us were falling head over heels for her looks. There hasn’t been a phase in her life that Jennifer Aniston’s looks failed her.

Naturally, people were crazy about Aniston, too—they couldn’t only obsess over her fictional character. She’s been widely admired ever since her start on Friends.

Perhaps it’s that Aveeno lotion that she’s always advertising that keeps her so young-looking. Aniston is 49 years old. Who looks that good when they’re almost in their 50s? Apparently, that’s reserved strictly for Aniston.

Maybe it’s time we get our hands on that moisturizer! It’s worth a try—especially if it could lead to looking like this babe!


9. Cindy Crawford—Shout-out To Her Skincare Line

We think that Cindy Crawford might have a few tricks up her sleeve—or a whole line of anti-aging products in her bathroom cabinet. We’re almost certain that it’s the latter because she happens to be the creator of her own skincare company! This leads to plenty of speculation, though, because who knows how well they work?

If Crawford really does use her own products, we think that’s some pretty good stuff. It’s a great marketing strategy, that’s for sure! Most of us will gladly buy a collection of products if they promise to make us look as good as Crawford does at 52!

If we didn’t know any better, we’d say that her current pictures and her more dated ones are only a couple years apart. She’s barely aged a bit!


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