A quick monkey feed became quickly turned into a photo ambush for a British tourist when a cheeky monkey got determined to take a selfie.

23-year old Lizzy Ware was feeding a long-tailed macaque in Ubud, Bali , when a curious primate grabbed hold of her GoPro camera.

The monkey quickly then proceeded to lick the lens and pulling poses before another monkey pal hopped on top of Lizzy’s head.

Lizzy however stayed calm and flipped the camera to capture another great selfie with her new furry friend.

Narrating the episode, Lizzy said:

“It seemed the monkeys wanted to get the perfect picture. It was pretty exciting having the little guy interested in the camera and made for some great footage and a selfie. Then I felt a tug on my dress and something pull my hair. I quickly twisted the GoPro around and found a second on top of my head.”

It soon became a little tense for Lizzy as she said, “I wasn’t too sure what he thought he was going to find up there, until he found my ear and I thought we was going to pull my earring out. Unfortunately they can turn pretty angry rather quickly – so the clinging turned into a playful bite and I was scared he was going to rip my dress.”

Things turned out well eventually however as she got her perfect picture without any great bodily harm done.

“This was definitely the selfie of the trip” she said.



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