This people did not appreciate what God did for them, God gave them fine body, face and everything but they were not satisfied and happy, they decided to go for surgery in other to look more beautiful and more handsome instead look at what they got, I am not saying surgery is bad but only when it is necessary, how can you do this to yourself? Hope you are happy with what you got? Gubi

Mickey Route, I used to love this man when I was a little girl, I used to think him and Jean Claude (Van Dam) were my husband, Jean Claude still look good for his age but Mickey with all the money in the world I will pack my shoes. Gubi.

Nikki Cox, I wonder what she was looking for, GOD did a good job here she was more than Ok. Gubi

Lil-Kim- Did a nose job, didn’t suit her face, she used to be beautiful now she looks like what I don’t know. Gubi.

Bogdanov, this ones I don’t even know who they are but you can see for yourself before and after, Na wa 4 Una. Gubi

Layota Jackson, she now look like someone I used to know, people will never learn. Gubi

Amanda Lepore- She really ruined everything. Gubi

Jocelyn wildenstein- Shen was’t that beautiful before but she wasn’t ugly, she was Ok but now if I see her in my dreams I will instantly force myself to wake up. Gubi

Jackie Stallone- This woman look so beautiful and charming before now look at what she looks like, may GOD not allow us to use our own hands to destroy ourselves. Amen. Gubi

Lindsay Lohan- Sure tamper with her look, her nose and her lips are sure evidence but why? Now she looks rapidly old for her age. Gubi.

Peter Burns- This guy’s looks use to be classy, his eyes, nose and lips used to look very sharp and smart, it was a captivating look but now Lord have mercy. Gubi

Janice Dickinson- Its a pity, I wonder what you were looking for. Gubi.

Bruce Jenner- This man is making me laugh, he thinks he has sense, can you imagine? After having children as a man you are now a woman abi? Gubi.

Donatella Versace- Omo men, this is serious. Gubi.

Carla Burns- na wetin be this? Gubi.

Tara Reid- Each time I look at her picture I get upset, what was she looking for? Maybe she was trying to teach us something, if that was the case, I have learnt. Gubi.

I don’t even know what to say about this one sef. Gubi.


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